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+Tofiq    26.11.2009 @21:48:40
Here: have fun remember to give me a credit in the description of the work if you plan to piblish it here or on deviantart or anywhere else. Also send me a link so i can see what you did :D

+Tofiq    25.11.2009 @23:09:00

Oh, yes, i've done some 3d renderings - for special purposes, like "graphic battles" here, on
Hmm.. If you REALLY want to use my renderings in your works i'll try to find them, but i can't promise anything. I've changed my computer several times for last few years, i don't know where are my old renderings ;|
~Chidow    25.11.2009 @18:49:45


ohh yes , i understand now , tnx a lot dear
You are truly a good person
+chomyk    25.11.2009 @18:39:18
It's said that your answer for somebody who wrote you something should be posted in his profile page. A little tip how everything works here

If you have any doubt - ask, I'll help you.
"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on."
R. Frost |
~Chidow    25.11.2009 @17:42:03


tnx for welcome

But I found in several forums and sites designs credit to your name ; look here & here

~Chidow    25.11.2009 @17:33:42
tnx a lot dears

+chomyk    24.11.2009 @19:40:14
Good luck mate
"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on."
R. Frost |
~marcelina505    24.11.2009 @19:37:21
Hahah lynx : DD
Yeah, welcome in Hell!
~lynxlynx    24.11.2009 @13:10:52
Welcome on Digart
Welcome in Hell
Poniżej Krytyki
>>>Matrix gwałci podprogowo<<<
+Tofiq    21.11.2009 @19:12:48
what renderpacks? i dont' have any renderpacks anymore. sorry

as for your question ("need someon tell me how & where can i put my designs in this great sitweb" - you already did it
- On the top of the page there is a button [dodaj digart] - click it
- "Nazwa" - this is you image title
- "plik" - here you upload you image (max 500kb)
- "Kategoria" - this is Category
- "opis" - description
- "oswiadczenie"- you must chceck it to upload image. It's a confirmation that you are the author of the image and have any rights to it
- "wyślij" - this mean "upload"

Warnings: You can upload only one image per day, and works can be "hidden" or even "deleted" by Administrators if they are really bad :O

Welcome on Digart
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